The Power of the Pause

Somewhere along the way it seems  people have started to value the rush of life. The hustle and bustle is what we crave all while demanding a quick and instant response to everything. Texts and emojis are a great example of this. While quick and easy, texts can be hard to decipher and easily misinterpreted.  We want everything “now” but are unhappy if things don’t turn out right. 

Pausing to reflect prior to responding adds weight to our words and value to our decisions. A pause, whether long or short, provides a moment to consider how our words and actions can either heal or hurt. The power to empathize is found in our pause. The ability to move with excellence is again in the pause. How can you implement and appreciate the pauses in your life? 


Be Authentic 

Don’t hesitate to just be yourself. Your naturally amazing. When you are your most authentic self you will notice that your words flow more smoothly and your creative qualities are more adept. You are allowing your true colors to “shine through!”
Perfectionism is only a way to hide. When we allow our imperfections to shine thru, we have the freedom to stand out! Now that we took perfection off the table, how will you move and change? How can you be most authentic today?



Fear of Success

Why won’t this sick feeling in my stomach go away? It’s the feeling you get when your right on the verge of starting a new job, meeting new people, and on many other occasions! The way our lives are set up is that we are constantly being faced with decisions. Many of them scare us only slightly however real fear sets in when you’re on the verge of great success…or humiliating failure. The line between the two is so fine, you teeter between greatness and mediocrity like a see saw. Fear may not subside but your one decision away from your greateat triumph or greatest mistake….which is a missed opportunity. Time is a thief…it’s accomplice is fear.

Live well! Live Light!


Here is the gift of “today.” It’s yours for the taking. You have an opportunity to grow and learn. You have been given the chance to breathe, move, and experience. What are you looking forward to on today? 

When I hurt…

I always say feelings can be very difficult to “hand”over to someone else. It’s almost like handing someone a 100 pound dumb bell and saying “here hold this for a minute.” But in essence if I’m hurting the first thing I look for is a listening ear. The first pair are my own! I want to get to the source of the hurt. Was I disappointed? Am I lonely? I want to direct my thoughts on the  origin. I want to purge it completely from my mental landscape so it doesn’t become a part of my physical landscape (making me ill). I want to spiritually release the negative feeling via mediation, prayer, quiet time, journaling, sleep, etc.  And then if it lingers,   I want to bounce the hurt off another individual who I know has a proven track record of empathy and unconditional regard for me. At some time and space, I decide (maybe over and over) to release the “hurt” so that I can go on with living. When I’m in pain —emotional pain — the kindest thing I can do for myself is to feel it, process it, and then release it.

Say What?

Words carry weight! How we use words can direct our attitudes and the way we see the world around us.  A simple kind word can redirect the course of someones day.

I have been sharp with my words more than a few times. It’s easier to be careful then to repair the damage once the words are already out there!!!

My mouth, my words are both my responsibility. I will use my words to heal.


Living Light Means Choosing Yourself


I chose to dream my biggest dream about ten years ago. I chose “me” even when I kept hearing how hard it would be to do so. I started my family before starting a career which most people frown upon. I’ve been working full time while being a wife and mother for ten years. I would never do it differently. I have learned so much about how to persevere. I want to share the gift of choosing to live your best life with the world.

I’m a licensed counselor providing services for children, young adults, adults, and families. I have a special interest in working with children and teens.  I have been providing services for children and families for the past eight years in Orlando.  I have experience providing group and  individual therapy in an agency setting. 

Clients should know my goal is to provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment where they can feel free to express themselves, uninhibited. I provide therapy based upon the client’s individual goals and needs. I use specialized techniques for children such as games to promote focus and attention skills and anti-anxiety techniques to increase peace and tranquility.

Live Light Counseling, LLC  is a new adventure and hopefully the answer to the thoughts, goals, and prayers of many others.