I always say feelings can be very difficult to “hand”over to someone else. It’s almost like handing someone a 100 pound dumb bell and saying “here hold this for a minute.” But in essence if I’m hurting the first thing I look for is a listening ear. The first pair are my own! I want to get to the source of the hurt. Was I disappointed? Am I lonely? I want to direct my thoughts on the  origin. I want to purge it completely from my mental landscape so it doesn’t become a part of my physical landscape (making me ill). I want to spiritually release the negative feeling via mediation, prayer, quiet time, journaling, sleep, etc.  And then if it lingers,   I want to bounce the hurt off another individual who I know has a proven track record of empathy and unconditional regard for me. At some time and space, I decide (maybe over and over) to release the “hurt” so that I can go on with living. When I’m in pain —emotional pain — the kindest thing I can do for myself is to feel it, process it, and then release it.

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